We repair double glazing and uPVC windows in the Swansea area

Are you in Swansea and suffering from problems with your uPVC double glazing?

In addition to replacing misted up double glazing we also offer a uPVC window repairs service including:

  • Replacement Hinges
  • Replacement Handles Repairs
  • Replacement Rubbers Repairs

Give us a ring on 01792 687114 to discuss your window and double glazing repairs

Man fitting a new window

Unfortunately we are currently not replacing friction hinges.

Replacement of friction hinges

A common problem with opening uPVC windows is the failure of friction hinges. They can become corroded and prevent the window from opening and closing properly. We have a wide selection of window hinges on board and can easily make repairs to a friction hinge in the Swansea area.

Unfortunately we are currently not replacing window and door handles.

Replacement and repairs of window and door handles

There is an extensive range of window and door handles on the market. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. If your handles have become worn out, we can supply and install a matching replacement


Unfortunately we are currently not replacing rubbers.

Replacement and repairs of glazing rubbers

We see many rubber gaskets that have perished or shrunk. We stock a variety of glazing rubbers on board so will often be able to match your rubber for a like for like repairs.