Have your windows misted up? Is there condensation between the panes of glass? Are you in Swansea?


What shall I do?

Don’t spend thousands changing your entire window. It’s only the glass that has broken down and we can replace the glass very quickly and affordably with no mess. Give us a ring on 01792 687114 for a free quotation for replacing your misted up windows. We could be with you in Swansea the same day to measure up.

Have your windows misted up?

There comes a time when all windows will break down and mist up. It looks terrible and is only going to get worse. In addition to looking unsightly, it also affects the insulation value of  the window meaning you will be paying more for your heating bill. Luckily, we are working tirelessly in the Swansea area replacing misted up windows.

Why do windows mist up?

A double glazed unit is made up of two pieces of glass sealed together with a gap of air in between. Over the years the air inside heats up and cools down causing the glass to expand and contract. Eventually this will cause a break in the seal causing moisture to enter the void causing the misted up window you end up seeing.

Do I have to change the window frame?

No. You do not have to change the window frame. Don’t believe anybody who says otherwise. We can replace just the glass unit for you.

Why shall I choose you and are there any alternatives?

There are companies in Swansea that offer to clean the condensation out of the window. Although this clears your window, it does not deal with the route problem, the broken seal. By using this type of service, the problem of is sure to return quite soon. The only correct way is to replace the double glazed unit.  This will guarantee the window will stay mist free for years as we offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty. We also only use the best Pilkington Glass in our units.

How shall I proceed?

As the specialist in the Swansea area, I suggest you give us a ring or email us to organise a free home quotation. We will be with you as soon as possible.

How much will it cost?

It is a lot cheaper than you may think. Contact us for a free quotation.

How long does it take ?

From the date of order it will take between 7-10 working days for us to receive the replacement glass units. We can then book an installation at your convenience. It usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour to replace one window.